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Do the right thing and Face-It!

  • Face the truth
  • Face the consequences
  • Face your responsibility


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What is Face-It?

  • A unique, cost-effective solution to combat the problem of waste disposable masks, gloves and sanitiser wipes
  • Various cardboard boxes that are easy to assemble with clear instructions.
  • Suitable for Office, Home, Desk and Vehicle.
  • Once assembled the box ‘locks’ and it cannot be reopened.
  • Our boxes are made from durable cardboard, lightweight and easily moved.
  • Face-It units will be incinerated at a medical-grade facility and a certificate issued
  • Face-It is an Australian solution, made in Australia
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Used gloves, face masks & sanitiser wipes only accepted

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Disposed into the Face-it Car/Desk Unit.

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Face-it Car/Desk Unit is disposed into the Face-It Office or Home Unit in addition to loose items

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