Do you have old hard drives, computer monitors, telephones and laptops lying around? Did you know that e-waste can end up in our landfill disposals and can result with heavy metals in ground water? Once a computer hardware breaks down over time, dangerous toxins leach into the groundwater, contaminating soil and waterways. E- Waste is now the fastest growing, and most toxic, component of municipal garbage.

You may think that you have erased all your files off your hard drive, but deleted files CAN be retrieved, so all your personal information can be exposed to the next person that uses your computer. At Limitless Recycling, we physically destroy your hard drive so no information will ever be found.

So what CAN Limitless Recycling destruct/ recycle?

  • Computer Monitors
  • Computer Hard Drives
  • Telephones
  • Keyboards & Mouse
  • Microwaves
  • Printers, Fax Machines, Scanners
  • Laptops, Notebooks, iPads
  • USB’s & External Hard drives
  • VCR’s, DVD & CD Players
  • Mobile Phones

Once your E-Waste has been destroyed at our secure location, you and your client will be issued with a Certificate of Destruction.

ANY E-Waste that YOU need to be destroyed… Limitless Recycling can help you out… at Limitless Recycling- “the possibilities… ENDLESS”

E Waste Recycling

For more information about our recycling services, or any other waste management services we offer, please contact us directly and a member of our friendly team will be able to assist 1300 954 576.