Identity theft is a rapidly growing issue around the world. Do you have sample stock or corporate apparel no longer worn by staff? Do you have old branded stock, confiscated counterfeit clothing, or has your company recently undertaken a rebranding?

If you have any of the above and don’t destroy it correctly, you and your company are at risk of unauthorised access, entry to restricted areas of your organisation or creating a bad reputation for your business

In order to prevent this from happening, depending on the thickness of the clothing and the material most clothing can be shredded.

Limitless Recycling will provide you or your client with a lockable secure waste collection bin of your preferred sized (120L, 240L or 660L ) which ensures you or your client that all materials to be destroyed, are protected and secure at all times.

Once your bin is full, just make a quick phone call to one of our friendly staff at Limitless Recycling, and one of our logistics team members will remove your bin and provide you with a replacement.

Limitless Recycling also issue a Certificate of Destruction upon completion of every job. This certificate confirms that your materials have been destroyed to industry standards.

Items available for collection:

  • Uniforms- such as shirts, jumpers, t-shirts, shoes, bags
  • Safety Helmets
  • Damaged/ branded or re-called Merchandise
  • Unwanted Toys
  • Out of Date Merchandise
  • Emergency services uniforms
  • Corporate-logo uniforms
E Waste Recycling

For more information about our recycling services, or any other waste management services we offer, please contact us directly and a member of our friendly team will be able to assist 1300 954 576.